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From Christian Schulte>
Subject Re: Potential depMgt import bug was Re: [ANN] Apache Maven 3.2.2 Release
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2014 10:41:08 GMT
Am 17.07.2014 11:46, schrieb Arnaud Héritier:
> if projectA imports projectB which imports projectC then maven doesn't try
> to download projectC pom with 3.2.2
> I will report a new issue because I'm not sure that it is related (but
> probably) to MNG-5663 <>
> I'll try to create an IT to prove it

When creating an IT, maybe pay attention to things like: Do all projects 
specify a different parent POM or do they share the same parent ? If 
resolution fails, does 'mvn -U' make a difference ? Are profiles 
involved ? That is, are there any repositories specified in a profile 
which isn't active although it should ?


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