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From William Ferguson <>
Subject Re: Resolving the dependencies for an Artifact
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2014 22:29:10 GMT
Hi Robert,

Use case is within the android-maven-plugin we need to generate artefacts
for AAR (Android archive) dependencies when building a project.

When doing so we need to provide the dependencies of the AAR (not the
project) into the generation tool. We can readily retrieve the deps for the
AAR by looking through the dependency graph of the project until we find
the AAR that then collect deps from there on.

This works fine for project (A) that has a dependency on B and C.
But if A has dep on B & C and B also has a dep on C then it breaks because
Maven's dependency resolution (for A, ie the project) will ignore the B->C
dep because A->C is more direct. So when we look for the deps of B we never
see C.

NB maven-dependency-plugin uses maven-dependency-tree for its resolution,
which is where I've taken most of my lead so far.

It gets down to the context in which the resolution is being done. I need
the context to be B instead of A and in order to do that I need to get the
MavenProject for B. And this is where I am stuck.


On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 4:44 AM, Robert Scholte <>

> Hi William,
> most of the time it's not necessary to find a specific file like this, so
> I'm wondering what the usecase is.
> If you're hitting an issue, think of a plugin which might have the same
> issue and have a look at its code.
> In this case I'm thinking of the maven-dependency-plugin, especially the
> code for dependency:tree.
> Or use the org.apache.maven.project.ProjectBuilder
> thanks,
> Robert
> Op Thu, 19 Jun 2014 00:01:52 +0200 schreef William Ferguson <
>  I asked on maven-users but didn't get any viable responses. So I'm hoping
>> someone here can help.
>> --------------------------
>> I have a Mojo that needs to work with Maven 3.0.* and 3.1+
>> In the Mojo I have an Artifact and I need to resolve it's dependencies.
>> How
>> can/should I do it?
>> If I can resolve the Artifact to a MavenProject then I can use
>> DependencyGraphBuilder (from maven-dependency-tree) to construct a graph
>> of
>> the deps. But I'm struggling to make the Artifact to MavenProject
>> conversion happen.
>> I thought that If I could get a URL to the Artifact's POM file then I
>> could
>> use DefaultMavenRuntime (maven-runtime) to resolve the URL into a
>> MavenProject. But
>>    1. I can't work out how to get a URL to the artifact's POM file (it
>>    needs to handle both reactor artifacts and repo artifacts)
>>    2. Even with a URL to the POM file, MavenRuntime#getProject) is
>>    returning null.
>> Can someone please point me in the right direction?
>> Am I even on the right path or is there a much more straight forward way
>> of
>> getting the dependencies for the Artifact?
>> --------------------------
>> William
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