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From "Mark Derricutt" <>
Subject Re: POM 5.0 and idea - re: <repository>'s
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2014 19:47:54 GMT
On 27 Jun 2014, at 2:18, Paul Benedict wrote:

> I agree with Jorg. Furthermore, I have found repositories addresses 
> change
> overtime. I *don't* want this information in the POM either because it
> becomes stale. It's not really build information, per se, as it is 
> Maven
> connection information. I have to fallback to modifying my 
> settings.xml
> when I encounter one of these situations -- which is "smell" enough of 
> this
> very issue.

+1 - it's this reason I and others recommend all devs run a local 
archiva/nexus as a mirror, even if they have a company mirror - then you 
can add such repositories either company wide, or local if you need 

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