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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: maven-enforcer rule Problem -
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2014 07:24:17 GMT
Hi Robert,

first thanks for your thoughs and hints...

 > Hi Karl-Heinz,
> Let's make a clear separation between the plugin, the enforcer-api and
> the standard rules.
> Only the first one can be restricted to a specific Maven version by
> specifying the prerequisite for Maven.

> Although the standard rules are included by default, there's no real
> relationship.

> Be aware that you can also write custom rules. If there is no change to
> the enforcer-api, it's hard to explain why you must upgrade.

The upgrade for the whole i see it the same way is currently not an 

> I think it should be the rule itself which should require a specific
> Maven version. So it would be nice if we could somehow specify the
> required Maven version.

After reconsidering your thoughts what do you think about the following:

Making a supplemental module enforcer-rules-maven3 under maven-enforcer:

  +-- enforcer-api
  +-- enforcer-rules
  +-- enforcer-rules-maven3
  +-- maven-enforcer-plugin

So we can put enforcer rules which are Maven 3 specific.
Of course they have to check the Maven version themselfs (may be as you 
suggested by an annotation ?)..but can have maven 3 dependencies to work.

Furthermore it gives us the opportunity to smoothly transfer all other 
rules over the time to maven 3 area and sometimes we have all rules in 
Maven 3...and finally changing the dependencies and requirements to 
Maven 3....

But for the above scenario regarding one thing i'm not sure.

Suppose we have a Maven 3 build and using maven-enforcer-plugin where 
enforcer-rules3 is added as dependency which itself has dependencies to 
Maven 3 parts (things like maven-core:3.X) which one will be on the 
classpath ? Cause maven-enforcer-plugin has maven-core:2.X as dependencies?

So this could be solved by not adding enforcer-rules-maven3 as a default 
dependency to maven-enforcer-plugin but this would result in leaving it 
to the user of enforcer-rules3 so the user needs to todo something like 


> Right now I'm thinking of an Annotation. Maybe you also want to require
> a specific Java version...
> These are just some ideas, I just think it's too early to require M3,
> the other options are extra codebases. Not my favorite.

Extra codebase is not my favorite too but going with a branch might be 
an prevent a hassle for the users...clearly saying 
maven-enforcer-plugin:2.X is for Maven 3 whereas 
maven-enforcer-plugin:1.X is for Maven 2.X....

As far as i remember we had such thing with maven-site-plugin as well 
(Maven 2 / 3).

Or i have to go for a custom rule which i have to deliver separately 
...So i Can make requirements as i need for the rule...

I have thought about the mojo project extra-enforcer-rules but this is 
currently also Maven 2.0 based .....

> Robert
> Op Tue, 01 Apr 2014 08:09:10 +0200 schreef Karl Heinz Marbaise
> <>:
>> Hi Robert,
>> first of all thanks for your answer....
>>  > For Maven2 all arguments are immediately processed, you can't trace
>> back
>>> the values of -pl or -amd.
>>> I think you should go for the easy and solid solution by requiring
>>> specific Maven versions.
>>> For instance: In the rule, read the version value of
>>> /META-INF/maven/org.apache.maven/maven-core/
>> I think I've found a simpler (?) solution to check for the Maven
>> version by using the parts of the rule apart
>> from that....
>> All information i needed about the "mvn -pl ..." is only available via
>> classes / interfaces for Maven 3 but at the moment maven-enforcer is
>> based on Maven 2.0.6 interfaces...which do not contain the methods i
>> this:
>> List<String> selectedProjects =
>> session.getRequest().getSelectedProjects();
>> (The MavenSession interface only contains getRequest() starting with
>> Maven 3) which would get the information about "mvn -pl m1,m2 .."...
>> So may be i oversight things but currently i see only three solutions:
>> 1. Update Maven Enforcer to Maven 3.X only
>>     In my opinion it is to early to go that hard way in particular
>>     to fully drop down Maven 2.X compatibility so early
>>     (may be in the future)
>> 2. Create separate branches:
>>     * 2.X Branch which is Maven 3 only
>>     * 1.X branch which keeps Maven 2.X compatibility...
>>           and drop that later (currently we have 1.3.1 out
>>           as release. So the next could be 1.4 or 1.3.2)
>> 3. Extract the code I have and create a separate Maven Plugin
>>     to fullfil the needs and make that plugin Maven 3. only...
>>     may be for a limited time. But may there are up comming other
>>     rules which are Maven 3 only...This solution would solve
>>     only the single rule.
>> What do you think?

Kind regards
Karl-Heinz Marbaise

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