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From "Alexander Kriegisch" <>
Subject Mixins as an aspect-oriented DRY tool
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 08:42:48 GMT
Dear developers,

I guess at least since 2008 Jason had the idea to implement Maven mixins, i.e. a kind of include
mechanism in order for users to be able to encapsulate sets of dependencies (not just their
version numbers as with import-scoped BoMs) and re-use them throughout modules or even across
projects. This is something I (and probably many others) have been waiting for desperately
because via inheritance you can only have one aspect covered, but not multiple ones. Comparing
to single inheritance in OOP, in order to cleanly encapsulate secondary (even cross-cutting)
concerns there are powerful concepts like AOP (I love to use AspectJ for that matter) or simpler
ones like mixins. I think mixins would suffice for Maven and massively support DRY (don't
repeat yourself), thus making it much easier to keep Maven configurations cleaner and more

Having said that, I know it is always easier to ask for something than to just implement it
by myself (which I am uncapable of because I have never touched or even seen the Maven code
base). So, humbly and with all due respect to you as a newbie on this list, I am asking if
mixins are still on the development agenda and if the feature has a rather low or high priority.

With kind regards
Alexander Kriegisch

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