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From Stephen Connolly <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Maven 2.x is end of life
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2014 16:18:31 GMT
I suggest you convince at least one of these people: that they should
act as release manager.

EOL just means we will not be making new releases, and it will be moved to
the archive section of the downloads.

You will still be able to download it. You will still be able to get the
source code. We just will be recognising the fact that there is nobody who
wants to cut a release from the 2.x codebase.

Hopefully focusing on the 3.x codebase will allow us to iron out the bugs
you feel are present in 3.x and thus preventing you from migrating... but
if there are any committers who want to cut 2.x releases, I - as a PMC
member - will certainly stand up and do what is required in terms of
testing the source bundle and checking the IP etc... I don't see any
committers standing up.

If the vote is for EOL and after this vote there is a committer who wants
to act as release manager for 2.x, we will not stop them from releasing
either... we will just stop putting 2.x on the active downloads page

On 13 February 2014 15:52, Jörg Schaible <>wrote:

> Stephen Connolly wrote:
> > We have not made a release of Maven 2.x since 2.2.1 which was August
> 2009.
> >
> > During that period no release manager has stepped up to cut a release.
> >
> > I would argue that we should just therefore just declare Maven 2.x as end
> > of life.
> -1
> This vote is real-life comedy as long as there is no newer version that
> succeeds with its core competence to build multi-projects in correct order
> and therefore will not produce artifacts with bogus SNAPSHOTs.
> Embarassed,
> Jörg
> >
> > This vote is therefore to resolve this issue.
> >
> > The vote will be decided on the basis of committer votes cast. If the
> > majority of votes from committers (which includes PMC members) are in
> > favour then we will declare 2.x end of life.
> >
> > If you are a committer and voting -1, then we will assume that you are
> > willing to step up and act as a release manager to get a 2.2.2 release
> out
> > (which would hopefully include being able to not barf on
> > maven-metadata.xml that uses the <snapshotVersions> schema generated by
> > Maven 3.x but the release manager gets to decide what it is they want to
> > release)
> >
> > The decision on this is actually quite simple as if there is nobody
> > committer to act as a release manager for the 2.x line, then it is end of
> > life.
> >
> > +1: Maven 2.x is end of life, I am not willing to act as release manager
> > for this line of releases
> > 0: I have no opinion
> > -1: Maven 2.x is not end of life, I am willing to act as release manager
> > for this line of releases
> >
> > The vote will be open for 72h and may be closed earlier in the unlikely
> > event that all Maven committers have cast a vote before the 72h are up.
> >
> > -Stephen
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