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From Dominik Bartholdi <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Maven 2.x is end of life
Date Sun, 16 Feb 2014 17:06:11 GMT

> Am 13.02.2014 um 16:14 schrieb Stephen Connolly <>:
> We have not made a release of Maven 2.x since 2.2.1 which was August 2009.
> During that period no release manager has stepped up to cut a release.
> I would argue that we should just therefore just declare Maven 2.x as end
> of life.
> This vote is therefore to resolve this issue.
> The vote will be decided on the basis of committer votes cast. If the
> majority of votes from committers (which includes PMC members) are in
> favour then we will declare 2.x end of life.
> If you are a committer and voting -1, then we will assume that you are
> willing to step up and act as a release manager to get a 2.2.2 release out
> (which would hopefully include being able to not barf on maven-metadata.xml
> that uses the <snapshotVersions> schema generated by Maven 3.x but the
> release manager gets to decide what it is they want to release)
> The decision on this is actually quite simple as if there is nobody
> committer to act as a release manager for the 2.x line, then it is end of
> life.
> +1: Maven 2.x is end of life, I am not willing to act as release manager
> for this line of releases
> 0: I have no opinion
> -1: Maven 2.x is not end of life, I am willing to act as release manager
> for this line of releases
> The vote will be open for 72h and may be closed earlier in the unlikely
> event that all Maven committers have cast a vote before the 72h are up.
> -Stephen

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