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From Jörg Hohwiller <>
Subject maven-install-plugin:install not supporting pomFile property anymore?
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2014 22:46:42 GMT
Dear Maven-Developers,

I am using a mechanism so that maven installs and deploys the effective 
POM instead of the actual
raw pom.xml. Therefore I used the pomFile parameter of 
maven-install-plugin. This works fine with
version 2.3.1 but refuses to work with 2.5.1. Has this been removed on 
Can someone explain me how to solve this? Any workarounds or plans on this?

Here is why I need this approach:
For years I was searching for a solution to keep maintenance of large 
multi-module-projects with
inter-module dependencies that are versioned and released independently 
at a low level.
I tried hard to use maven-release-plugin but it is simply not addressing 
my use-case.
As suggested long time ago during discussion, I created a page in 
confluence and jira issues:

Unfortunately I never made it deep enough into maven to create a patch 
myself and I got demotivated
as others did and their work has been rejected (MNG-624). Also I created 
pom-maven-plugin in the mojo project
sandbox that can refactor POMs in large maven projects automatically but 
was told to stop on it as there
is already versions-maven-plugin with overlapping features.

I still think that maven should distinguish between development 
information read from the local disc
and originated from the version control system
and what is installed and deployed in a maven repository. Maybe 
something to consider for maven 4.
I have seen that gradle works this way but I am a fan of maven from the 
start and do not want to
leave the maven ecosystem. Thanks to all of you for your good work on this.

However, I found an excellent workaround for my problem that can be 
found here:
Search for "effective" to find all the relevant spots. I simply write 
the effective pom to disk
and install and deploy this file instead of the original pom.xml. This 
way I can only once deploy
empty parent POM files with a version 1.0.0 that never changes. Now I 
can modify the checked in
parent POMs and update dependency management and variables without 
taking care to trackle their
versions and update references all over the POMs in the project. This 
way I can concentrate on
features for my OSS project rather than maintenance of pom.xml files and 
am more safe from errors
when releasing/deploying sub-projects.

Now some day I will have to update to a new version of 
maven-install-plugin and if my workaround
then stops working I am lost in space. Any ideas?

Thank you very much

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