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From Hervé BOUTEMY <>
Subject Re: Releasing Fluido Skin 1.3.1
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2013 11:05:17 GMT
parent poms documentation is a little bit trickier to publish, since 
effectively, site-pom.xml needs to be used and updated
but the process is really the same

if you need help, please log into IRC, we'll improve documentation



Le vendredi 6 décembre 2013 18:21:20 Michael-O a écrit :
> Am 2013-12-04 23:32, schrieb Barrie Treloar:
> > On 5 December 2013 00:40, Michael-O <> wrote:
> >> Thanks guys,
> >> 
> >> I will have a look into
> >>
> >> re.html in the next couple of days an process as required.> 
> > Feel free to send patches for the documentation.
> > It is always appreciated when fresh eyes look at stuff.
> > 
> > There is so many assumptions made, and jumbles of pages, that little
> > tweaks are often needed to make sure anyone can do this.
> Hi Barrie,
> the docs definitively do not correspond to the POMs at the moment. In
> precending of the Fluido 1.3.1 release, I wanted to push Maven Skins 8
> first. Read the general Apache guideline which is fine. Read 'Releasing
> A Parent POM' and got stuck.
> Chapter 'Staging the latest documentation' says "Once the release is
> prepared, ..." which is simply wrong. The release has to be prepared and
> *performed* before documentation can be staged due to missing
> target/checkout.
> Now, here the next problem which made me push the POM back and forth
> several times: mvn -f site-pom.xml site site:stage-deploy
> This simply does not work with scm publish because it is bound by the
> parent to the site-deploy phase but site:stage-deploy is a goal. The
> generated site is never picked up. Though 'mvn -f site-pom.xml site
> scm-publish:publish-scm' works but I do not know whether this is correct
> or not.
> Verification is kinda awkward because it says I have to wait for a sync.
> The linked site does not say anything about a sync nor a given timeframe
> when sync occurs.
> The path '/www/' does not exist. There is only
> '/www/'. Moreover, the directory skins has
> not been updated nor there is one with skins-8. Such a directory exists
> in pom-archives only.
> I have skipped the further steps because I am stuck and lost here.
> Help would be greatly appreciated.
> Michael
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