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From "Bernd Eckenfels" <>
Subject Re: More hard problems...
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2013 21:57:45 GMT
Am 26.11.2013, 22:02 Uhr, schrieb Robert Scholte <>:
> In addition to this story: There's an open issue called MDEPLOY-118  
> which describes a related issue: how to release the same version for  
> different platforms?

Related there is also the need for "features". Larger projects typically  
have a lot of optional dependencies but dont help to requesat a specific  
subset. For example a Scheduler like Quartz offers a core engine but also  
EJB APIs or a Servlet manager implementation. In an ideal world the  
project would be split into multiple artifacts, but even then there can be  
a complexity explosion. Depending on the "core scheduler" feature of  
"quartz" would then skip all optional dependencies (like servlet and EJB  

(This is similiar to the testing scope, which could be implemented as a  
well known "feature"). And this also goes in line with  
platforms/implementations: the "jdk1.4" feature can depend on a  
concurrent-backport wherees the java7 does not.


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