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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: Maven Indexer plans
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 22:53:13 GMT
Sounds good plan.
Perso I would prefer "use @Inject" and not using container specific.
(if possible)

On 7 November 2013 21:03, Tamás Cservenák <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am toying with some thoughts to make a bigger leap with MI. I plan to
> start 6.0 of it, with following changes:
> Changes would be along these lines:
> - Collapse indexer-artifact into indexer-core (this modularization had a
> historical reason, coming from Sonatype Nexus)
> - Remove Maven1 support (really, is it used by anyone? Ah, and it even does
> not work, is buggy)
> - Remove all the deprecated cruft (a LOT of breaking changes)
> - Simplify by removing many of "almost used" dependencies: stuff like
> wagon-provider-api and archetype-common bloated the POM and dependencies of
> project, only for single class each of them. If integrator needs archetype
> data source, or Wagon powered ResourceFetcher, is easy to add those by
> hand, those are trivial classes (or could be moved out into new trivial
> modules)
> - Make it really extensible by integrators too, complete rework of
> ArtifactInfo (a LOT of breaking changes)
> - "modernize" the library: ditch Plexus, use @Inject/SISU (mostly for ctor
> injection, easier testability)
> - Remove Lucene classes (IndexSearcher, IndexWriter etc) from
> IndexingContext, by not exposing those we will have freedom to change
> strategy in future, and for example use one single Lucene index for all the
> existing Contexts (currently as many contexts you have as many separate
> indexes you have ==> LOT of file handles).
> - update to latest Lucene (currently 4.5.0, MI uses last of 3.6.x line)
> Thanks,
> ~t~

Olivier Lamy
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