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From "Manfred Moser" <>
Subject Re: Model Version 5.0.0
Date Sun, 24 Nov 2013 05:19:16 GMT

> By separating "consumption" and "production" metadata formats, we'll be
> able to evolve production format more aggressively. For example, it
> would be nice to have Tycho-specific configuration markup inside <build>
> section. This is not currently possible because all poms must be
> compatible with the same model.

I like the idea of consumptions specifics. It would be great if we could
agree/define some sort of standard on how to declare suitability for
artifacts for certain deployment scenarios ..
e.g. it is jar suitable for Java 6, 7, 8, 9 or what, what about running on
Android, or on some embedded Java version profile.

I dont believe that the previous approaches of using classifiers is just
not powerful enough. And I also agree that we should potentially just
stick to the existing format.

E.g. nothing stops us from declaring a standard for e.g. for a bunch of
properties like



Of course we should put more thought into this but declaring a standard
sooner rather than later could help a lot with the oncoming wave of
libraries that will not work for Java 6 anymore and others going forward
with e.g. Java 8 only and so on.


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