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From Wayne Fay <>
Subject Re: Can I create folder Dependency?
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2013 03:32:51 GMT
> I am new for Maven; I have a question:

Questions like this should go to the Maven Users list. This list is
reserved for discussion of the development of Maven itself.

> Can I create folder Dependency in Maven? without installing the jar
> (dependency)?

No. You will waste a lot of time going down this road. You only need
to install "all" those jars one time (assuming you have a Repo
Manager, you'll use "mvn deploy:deploy-file" otherwise you'll need to
"mvn install:install-file" them on each developer's machine) and write
the <dependency> stanzas once. Then you can reuse that work in your
various projects. Bite the bullet and do it now. 100 jars is not too
bad. If you do it the right way, I bet you'll find a lot of them are
open source and already hosted in Central.


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