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From ryenus <>
Subject Re: pull requests on github?
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2013 15:58:25 GMT
@Stephen, @Daniel, sorry I didn't subscribe the ML so just read your
replies via

Regarding license, my github repo is simply a clone of, hence should inherit the same
license, and I kinda agree with Daniel that pull requests on github
are now defacto OSS contribution 'protocol' with enough implications
about the copyright grant stuff. Also a pull request is basically
saying, here is what I can give, you can either take it or abandon it,
at your own wish, of course, for the sake of goodness.

Regarding JIRA tickets, I did create them accordingly in the first
place, you can see that the JIRA ticket IDs are included as prefixes
in pull requests titles, respectively. Also the JIRA tickets and GH
pull requests are now crossed linked to each other(s).

About the 6 criteria Stephen mentioned
> 1. Does it have tests that fail when the bug is not fixed?
N/A, my PR's are more about enhancement

> 2. Does it have tests that pass when the bug is fixed?
I haven't got the time to learn and write tests for these maven
plugins yet, for me it's mostly a matter of time and priority, which
highly depends on the business. However, I made the fixes only to
resolve real issues in my projects, see, checking the
tests you can see I'm a strong advocator of TDD as well.

3. Does it leave code formatting alone except for the lines that are

4. Does it apply cleanly?
Yes, GitHub now can automatically verify if a pull request can be
cleanly merged or not.

5. Is there a bug ID associated with the bug?
Yes, as mentioned above, JIRA tickets are created and cross linked to
the pull requests.

6. Is it super obvious that we can accept the contribution?
Yes, should be, it's very simple actually, even more so to maven developers.

On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 1:24 PM, ryenus <> wrote:
> Would anyone be taking care of the pull requests on github:
> I just made 2 but saw there're pull requests open for years.
> Thanks

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