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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: Adding support for new dependency mediation strategy
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2013 07:27:13 GMT
Hi Stephen,

Stephen Connolly wrote:


> It's better than that... I am not sure if I said it earlier or not, so I
> will try to say it now.
> When we get the next format, there are probably actually three files we
> want to deploy:
> foo-1.0.pom (the legacy 4.0.0 model)
> foo-1.0-build.pom (the new 5.0.0+ model)
> foo-1.0-deps.pom (the new 5.0.0+ model)
> Now foo-1.0.pom should be a resolved pom with only the bare minimum
> required elements, e.g. dependencies and hopefully nothing else... may
> need dependencyManagement, but I think we can collapse that down. No
> <parent> element.

OK, this works for releases, but what about SNAPSHOTs? For SNAPSHOTs is is 
quite normal that your parent is also a SNAPSHOT and you would produce all 
kind of problems if you try to resolve/collapse SNAPSHOT parents for 
SNAPSHOT artifacts that are installed or deployed.


- Jörg

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