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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Move the site for apache-resource-bundles to the main Maven site
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:05:50 GMT

I'm trying to bring some order to apache-resource-bundles.

A JIRA project has been created in the ASF JIRA instance at

Now I want to publish the site. Current site is at

The site is part of the aggregator project. This work's fine because
the site won't be versioned, but this project hasn't been converted to
svnpubsub :-(
So, I thought that I would simply move the page over to the main Maven
site and handle it there, like we do for the POMs project.

Apart from moving the .apt file in svn, is there anything more that
needs to be configured?
I'm thinking of the sites svnpubsub "externals" file (don't remember
its real name). Do we need to change that in any way?


Dennis Lundberg

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