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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: Java version usage survey
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 09:09:13 GMT
2013/7/17 Olivier Lamy <>:
> 2013/7/17 Stephen Connolly <>:
>> On 16 July 2013 23:01, Arnaud Héritier <> wrote:
>>> >  >
>>> >
>>> > Until Jenkins gets upgraded to 1.520+ at which point the (crappy in my
>>> > personal view) Maven job type will be unable to run 1.5
>>> >
>>> >
>>> The crappy one which doesn't work with Maven 3.1.0 too (I tested it this
>>> afternoon)
>> I'm sure Olivier will rush to try and defend that job type...
> I prefer to keep my time to maybe update it to get it working with
> 3.1.x rather than waste my time on mailing list discussions.

Apologize if the response looks rude.
I'm probably too upset to not have tested neither take care of that before...

First, I agree on the fact the Maven Integration in Jenkins is optimum
especially in the case of non backward compat change in maven core.
But now we have two options:
1. rewrite that but we have to build a compatibility layer for all
plugins using MavenReporter extension point (and maybe having
something to move datas to the new model) (probably something to
discuss on jenkins-dev@)
2. hack the current one to make it working with 3.1.x too

Perso, I don't have time for 1 (this can take a bit of time) (but I
have some ideas too :-)).
So at least we could take care of users and work on 2. (I already did
that for 3.0.x so I can again not sure for an other time :-))  (btw
thanks again to Hervé for the work on maven plugins!)

>>> > Can still keep trucking with a FreeStyle + Maven Build Step though (and
>>> > prefer that way anyway)
>>> >
>>> >
>>> <asJenkinsUser>
>>> Me too if we backport features from the crappy maven integration into the
>>> freestyle job (automatic dependencies, post build deployment ..).
>>> What was done in Hudson was good from my point UI (excepted the GWT UI
>>> which was ugly)
>>> </asJenkinsUser>
>> Ahem... there are other ways to skin this cat... but the people who know
>> have been sworn to secrecy under pain of being shot, hung, drawn and
>> quartered before having the entire troupé of Riverdance dance on their
>> grave... so you'll just have to wait a month of so to find out!
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> Olivier Lamy
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Olivier Lamy
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