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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: Spurious file in Apache Maven War plugin 2.4 reelease candidate - broken release process?
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2013 12:06:02 GMT
2013/7/7 sebb <>:
> On 6 July 2013 19:53, John Casey <> wrote:
>> Hmm, actually, from running a few builds of the source-release archive, I
>> can see that the unit tests appear to be creating the
>> ${basedir}/maven-archive/ directory. I wonder if this has to do with
>> incomplete configuration of the test harness?
> Looks like:
> was supposed to fix this; seems to be in the release candidate but
> looks like the fix did not work.

ah yes. Strange I will have a look for next release. Grhh this file is
in svn:ignore property so svn st didn't detect that.

I noticed javadoc plugin source release has the same issue with a file
called javadoc-options-javadoc-resources.xml which must not be in

>> In any case, I can see why the source-release assembly did the wrong thing
>> here; it's not in target, so not really expected to be a generated file.
> Yes, that is basically the point I made early on else-thread.
> I said that the release process did not guarantee that the source
> archive would contain exactly the correct files - no more, no less.
> The issue here is not that this particular file found its way into the
> source archive.
> Luckily the file looks to be harmless. It might not be next time.
> The point is that the the release process is not infallible (in spite
> of what people have stated).
> Every so often, a vote reviewer needs to check that the source output
> from the build process agrees with the source input.
> If a discrepancy is found, it can be investigated and fixed.
> But the important thing to take from this is that the current release
> vote checking process could (and should) be improved.
>> On 7/6/13 1:35 PM, John Casey wrote:
>>> On 7/6/13 11:28 AM, sebb wrote:
>>>> The curent release candidate for Apache Maven War plugin 2.4 contains
>>>> the following file in the source zip:
>>>> maven-archiver/
>>>> The file is not in SVN or the source jar
>>>> As far as I can tell it does not belong in the source zip.
>>>> The file is unlikely to do any harm, however the fact that it somehow
>>>> has crept into the source archive points to a problem with the release
>>>> process.
>>>> The file is present in all the WAR source zips back to 2.1 (previously
>>>> there were no source archives)
>>>> AFAICT these WAR source archives were built by several different people.
>>>> It does not seem to be present in sources for the few other plugin
>>>> sources that I checked.
>>>> So why does the file end up in the WAR source archive?
>>>> What is broken?
>>> I'd be surprised if you didn't find the same file in other
>>> source-release archives. I'm guessing it's an exclusion that's missing
>>> from the source-release.xml assembly descriptor that we use to construct
>>> these archives.
>>>> I found the problem by comparing the source archive with the SVN tag.
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