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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: Release process updates
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2013 04:51:59 GMT
2013/6/26 sebb <>:
> The mission of the ASF is to release software as source, and to ensure
> that the released source is available under the Apache Licence.

Excuse me but I have always understand the ASF mission as building
communities around softwares.
Community over Code and not Process over Code.

I believe (my personal opinion) we are here to make two communities
happy: dev community with easing their task to build and release good
software for the users community.

With all of those emails, it's just a way to discourage people who
want to release software for their users.
Yes too much (non useful) process tend/will discourage volunteers to
release something.

My 0,02AUD

> Before a release can be approved it must be voted on by the PMC.
> The review process needs to establish that the proposed source release
> meets those aims.
> It's all but impossible for reviewers to examine every single file in
> a source archive to determine if it meets the criteria.
> And it's not unknown for spurious files to creep into a release
> (perhaps from a stale workspace - are releases always built from a
> fresh checkout of the tag?)
> However, PMCs are also required to check what is added to the SCM
> (SVN/Git) to make sure it meets the required license criteria.
> This is done on an ongoing basis as part of reviewing check-ins and
> accepting new contributions.
> So provided that all the files in the source release are also present
> in SCM, the PMC can be reasonably sure that the source release meets
> the ASF criteria.
> Without having the SCM as a database of validated files, there are far
> too many files in the average source archive to check individually.
> And how would one check their provenance? The obvious way is to
> compare them with the entries in SCM.
> Therefore, I contend that a release vote does not make sense without
> the SCM tag.
> In the case of SVN, since tags are not immutable, the vote e-mail also
> needs the revision.
> Whether every reviewer actually checks the source archive against SCM
> is another matter.
> But if the required SCM information is not present, it would be
> difficult to argue that the RM had provided sufficient information for
> a valid review to take place.
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