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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Spurious file in Apache Maven War plugin 2.4 reelease candidate - broken release process?
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2013 19:31:22 GMT
On 7 July 2013 13:45, Chris Graham <> wrote:
> In this instance, these files are derived files, so does it matter?

I already said that this particular file is probably not an issue.

The issue is that the release process is clearly not infallible.

The assembly plugin does not identify every file it needs to include,
so spurious files can be picked up if they happen to be in the wrong
As happened here.
Furthermore, AFAIK it does not report include failures, so a required
file could be omitted.
In this case, there was an issue with a test creating the spurious
file. If test cases delete work files after use, it's not impossible
to imagine that the wrong file is deleted.

But regardless of the process used to create the release candidate, I
think the way to check whether it has the correct contents is to
compare it against the SCM from which it was derived. The comparison
will identify missing and spurious files.
Files that match the SCM also have a traceable provenance, and SCM
files should already have been validated for license compatibility.

I see this as basic quality control.

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