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From Mirko Friedenhagen <>
Subject How Maven works - definitions
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2013 09:56:23 GMT

I did not find an overview and now am trying to explain firstly myself
and afterwards maybe others how Maven works (to other developers):

- Maven is a declarative tool to build software, which relies mainly
on conventions.
- Declarations are done in a XML file called pom (project object model).
- Maven consists of a small core and a plethora of plugins.
- Maven builds stuff (often binaries) following paths outlined in
lifecycles, predefined lifecycles are called "default", "clean" and
- Lifecycles are sequences of phases like e.g. compile, test or install.
- Plugins provide a multitude of so called goals, which do specific
stuff like e.g. compiling java source to classes or running unit
- The execution of goals is often bound to lifecycle phases.
- There are standard definitions which goals should be run during a
phase of a lifecycle and this is mostly dependent on the packaging,
the type of binary produced. It makes no big sense to run the
compiling goal for java sources on a project which only holds a pom,
which is a XML file.

Regards Mirko

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