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From Stephen Connolly <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1498969 - /maven/site/trunk/content/markdown/
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2013 06:53:18 GMT
Anyone who has suggestions for improvements or additional content, please
shout out or commit your changes...

The aim is to let people understand the different roles and
responsibilities in the Maven community

On 2 July 2013 16:13, <> wrote:

> Author: stephenc
> Date: Tue Jul  2 15:13:59 2013
> New Revision: 1498969
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> This is only a draft... and there is still a lot of review needed
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> +<!---
> +Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
> +or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
> +distributed with this work for additional information
> +regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
> +to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
> +"License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
> +with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
> +
> +
> +
> +Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
> +software distributed under the License is distributed on an
> +KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the
> +specific language governing permissions and limitations
> +under the License.
> +-->
> +# Apache Maven Project Roles
> +
> +The Apache Maven project is not just the software it produces.
> +The Apache Foundation has a phrase: “Community over code† which
> +is about how it is the community that grows around a project
> +that is the most important thing.
> +
> +Everyone reading this is part of the Apache Maven community,
> +and even if you are an invisible part of the Apache Maven
> +community you are still part of the community.
> +
> +There are many ways we can sort the people in our
> +community, we present the following as one such way.
> +Please do not take offence if you disagree with this
> +categorisation. It is important to remember that we are
> +a *community* not a *clique* so you are entitled to disagree
> +with others in the community. (Note that the right to disagree
> +comes with a responsibility not to deliberately cause offence
> +or discord.)
> +
> +## Informal roles
> +
> +### Lurkers
> +
> +People who do not use Maven at all, but have an interest in
> +the project. This can include people who are developing
> +competing software tools to Apache Maven.
> +
> +It would be great if the lurkers would come out of the shadows
> +and make themselves visible, but every community needs its
> +lurkers, so if you are a lurker sulking about on the fringes
> +of the Apache Maven project, know that you are a valued member
> +of our community. If you ever feel the need to change your role
> +we will welcome you with open arms… (and if we don't welcome you
> +with open arms, please advise the [Project management committee][3]
> +who are responsible for ensuring that the community is a healthy
> +one)
> +
> +### Consumers
> +
> +People who use Maven, but do not actively join the community.
> +This does not include people who are: subscribed to one of the
> +Maven mailing lists; active in a Maven user community (e.g.
> +something like [stackoverflow][1]; submitting bug reports; etc.
> +
> +Maybe Apache Maven is the perfect product for you and does
> +exactly what you need and want, and you never have a need
> +to ask questions about how to use Maven as it is immediately
> +obvious to you how one is supposed to use Maven… if that is the
> +case could you please consider taking a more active role in
> +our community as Maven is none of the above to our minds
> +and you might have a point of view that we have missed.
> +
> +If you do have issues with Maven (we all have issues with it
> +so there is nothing wrong in having issues with Maven) please
> +let us know:
> +
> +* Submitting bug reports is the best way to let us know about bugs
> +* Asking questions on the [Users Mailing List][2] is the best way
> +get answers to questions.
> +
> +As a last resort, other Maven user communities are another route
> +to getting more involved in the Maven community, but keep in
> +mind that Apache Foundation projects are supposed to encourage
> +the community at the ASF, so you will get more eyes and a
> +quicker response if you engage directly with the ASF hosted
> +community.
> +
> +### Users
> +
> +People who use Maven and have joined the community. This includes people
> who have:
> +* Submitted a bug report
> +* Asked a question on the [Maven user list][2]
> +* Joined one of the other Maven user communities.
> +
> +We hope your bug report has received some attention, if it
> +hasn't why don't you see if you can fix the issue yourself
> +and submit a patch?
> +
> +We hope your question was answered, if it hasn't think of
> +all the other users who's questions sit unanswered, how many
> +of them do you know an answer for (even if only a partial
> +answer)? Why don't you respond to their questions with the
> +answers you know? If everybody did that, your question would
> +have an answer. Pay it forward!
> +
> +We hope your experience in one of the other Maven user
> +communities is a positive one, so why not join the canonical
> +Maven user community and subscribe to the [Maven user list][2]?
> +
> +### Contributors
> +
> +People who use Maven, have joined the Maven community and contribute
> +back to the community. This includes people who:
> +* Submit reports of the results of testing proposed releases of
> +Maven and Maven plugins
> +* Answer questions on the [Maven user list][2] (or even other Maven user
> communities)
> +* Submit patches to resolve reported bugs in Maven or Maven plugins
> hosted at Apache.
> +* Help curate bug reports by identifying duplicate reports, or
> +related issues.
> +
> +Keep up the contributions, you are a critical member of our
> +community. If we like what we see, we may even ask you to
> +consider taking a formal role in our project.
> +
> +## Formal roles
> +
> +### [Committers](
> +
> +These are those people who have been given write access to the
> +Apache Maven code repository and have a signed
> +[Contributor License Agreement (CLA)][4] on file with the ASF.
> +
> +The Apache Maven project uses a Commit then Review policy.
> +
> +Committers are responsible for ensuring that every file they
> +commit is covered by a valid CLA.
> +
> +### Emeritus committers
> +
> +If a committer decides that they cannot currently continue with
> +the responsibilities of a committer, they may elect to go
> +emeritus.
> +
> +At any time an emeritus committer for the Apache Maven project
> +may decide that they want to become an active committer again
> +by informing the [project management committee][3]. The current
> +policy is that committer role reinstatement is automatic.
> +
> +### [Project Management Committee][
> +
> +The Project Management Committee as a whole is the entity that
> +controls the project. Membership of the Project Management Committee
> +is decided by the board of the Apache Software Foundation based on
> +nominations from the Project Management Committee.
> +
> +It is a long standing tradition of the Apache Maven Project that
> +the Project Management Committee reviews the active committers
> +approximately every 6 months with a view to determining whether
> +any of those committers would be suitable candidates to
> +recommend to the board for inclusion on the PMC. It should be
> +noted that this is simply a tradition and not a right. There
> +are significant responsibilities that accompany the PMC role
> +and as such if a person is not demonstrating those responsibilities
> +they may not be nominated or their nomination
> +may be rejected by the board. Such decisions are not a
> +reflection of the technical competence of the person, and
> +indeed the person themselves may even decide to turn down the
> +nomination. For that reason the results of such periodic reviews
> +are kept confidential.
> +
> +The Project Management Committee has the following responsibilities:
> +
> +* Proposing active contributors for committership.
> +* Binding votes in project decisions.
> +* Voting on release artifacts.
> +* <!-- TODO: get the rest of these -->
> +
> +### [Project Management Chair][
> +
> +For various legal reasons, there are certain things that the Apache
> +Software Foundation can only delegate to an officer of the foundation.
> +
> +The Project Management Committee is responsible for nominating
> +the lucky victim who gets made an officer of the foundation (subject
> +to the approval of the board).
> +
> +This person then becomes the interface between the board and
> +the project management committee. They do not have any other
> +additional gravitas in the project, it is the Project Management
> +Committee as a whole that is responsible for the direction of the project.
> +
> +  [1]:
> +  [2]:
> +  [3]:
> +  [4]:
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