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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Issue management and documentation for Apache resources, such as apache-jar-resource-bundle
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2013 14:01:24 GMT

I had a look at, and fixed

When I first saw the issue I thought, hey this is in the wrong JIRA
project and went about trying to move it to the correct one. But there
is no IssueManagement in any of the POMs at

There is a component "apache-jar-resource-bundle" that has been used
on a couple of occasions at
but it does feel like the right place for it either. I think we should
set up a new separate JIRA project for these resource bundles in the
ASF JIRA instance. Any suggestions for a name for it? I can take it to
infra once we agree and have come up with a good name.

Another thing is documentation. Currently there is a web site at which kind of
documents a couple of the resource bundles, but not all of them. The
site (one page only) is currently published using the aggregator POM
for the resource bundles. There is also a sample project called
resources-bundles-sample that has a real POM that can be used to try
out the different resource bundles. There is documentation inside that
POM which is then duplicated in the site for the aggregator. It would
be nice if we could have just one copy of the examples... We need to
get something in place similar to what we have for our parent POMs.

Since there is no JIRA-link from the site there is also no way, except
by looking in svn, to find out what has happened in a particular

By the way there is an issue about this at

Thoughts and opinions?

Dennis Lundberg

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