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From sebb <>
Subject Poposed Sandbox plugins - digest and gpg:signfiles
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2013 15:07:38 GMT
I've just been told about the Maven Sandbox, which seems like it might
be a better location for two general purpose plugins that are
currently being developed at Apache Commons.

The digest plugin is a simple plugin that can generate hashes
(currently just MD5 and SHA1) for any files specified via
includes/excludes (or on command-line).
Although it's possible to use Antrun to create the hashes, it's a bit
awkward to configure.
The plugin could be extended to check digests as well, and of course
to generate other digest types.
I'm hoping it might be generally useful.

This is an extension of the Maven Gpg Plugin which can sign arbitrary
files, not just ones attached to the project
I'm hoping it might be merged with the existing Gpg plugin one day;
having the code in the sandbox should make it easier for other Maven
devs to help.

I propose creating the following directories under


Any objections?

Also, is there a Sandbox repo where the plugins can be deployed for testing?
Or is it up to users to checkout the source and install the plugins locally?

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