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From Kristian Rosenvold <>
Subject Re: Maven 3.1.0-beta-1
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2013 13:07:00 GMT
Oops. It appears the standard heap dump toosl don't really dump
permgen, so that's not going to get us anywhere.

I usually do this in jprofiler, maybe someone else has a suggestion :)


2013/6/26 Kristian Rosenvold <>:
> Funny in a sort of ironic way, permgen is noticeably better in 3.1 for
> my usecases :)
> The simplest way to get (my) attention to this issue is to create 2
> heap dumps of your maven process, one after "some time" and the other
> just before it runs out of permgen.
> ("some time" is supposed to be well into the execution so I can avoid
> tracking all the *correct* permgen usage that happens at the start of
> a maven build as it loads the plugins)
> You can send them to me via something like dropbox or other means that handles
> large files.
> Use jvisualvm or one of the other tools to get the heap dumps.
> Kristian
> 2013/6/26 Jörg Schaible <>:
>> Hi Jason,
>> Jason van Zyl wrote:
>>> Doesn't see to be a whole lot of activity around the 3.1.0-alpha-1 so I
>>> plan to cut the 3.1.0-beta-1 this weekend if there are no objections.
>> Apart from the reported bogus build with snapshots (MNG-5207) it seems M31
>> has a major problem with PermGen space leakage.
>> We have currently a build that contains 337 projects. With M221 I can build
>> all of it in one run in ~11 minutes.
>> With M305 the build runs faster, but I have to continue it two times with "-
>> rf" option, because it runs out of PermGen space.
>> With M31a the leakage is really worse. The build stops because of PermGen
>> space 4 times, where I have to continue manually again.
>> All plugins are locked down, so it has to be related with Maven core.
>> MAVEN_OPTS is "-Xmx1g -XX:MaxPermSize=192m" and I am running "mvn clean
>> install [-rf <name>]".
>> Thanks,
>> Jörg
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