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From Hervé BOUTEMY <>
Subject Re: Strategy for jmod (Jigsaw)?
Date Sat, 18 May 2013 01:54:27 GMT
I haven't really looked at it myself. I don't know for others.
AFAIK, there is no shared strategy, I don't remember even of sharing opinions 
on this: busy on other topics

But yes, we'll need to have a strategy about it.

Did you try to see how things could be harmonized?



Le jeudi 16 mai 2013 23:42:34 Jörg Hohwiller a écrit :
> Dear Maven developers,
> is there already some slight inital draft or idea for a strategy how
> maven x.y could deal with jigsaw?
> How could this be harmonized and go together?
> Or will this create an entirely new universe?
> The concepts seem to be quite similar. Some features should be
> compatible but various things are not.
> Do you have your crystal balls ready and can give a little insight?
> For those that have no idea what I am talking about.
> Jigsaw is a JSR project aiming to modularize the JDK.
> Initially it was planned only as a technology to be used internally by
> the JDK
> but it is now the be the new module system for java.
> The successor of the good old JAR is the JMOD file.
> The analogon for pom.xml is that gets bundeled diretly
> into the JMOD
> but can be read uncompressed from the head of the file.
> only addresses identification (module name and version
> - instead of groudId, artifactId and version)
> as well as dependencies. But does not other aspects addressed by pom.xml.
> Project Jigsaw also defines repositories and stuff like that so there is
> some sort of compatition with maven, gradle, buildr, OSGi, etc.
> I am quite unsure where this journey is going to.
> Jigsaw was planned for Java6, 7, and also failed to make it into Java8.
> However, it will surely make it into Java9.
> Thanks
>    Jörg

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