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From "Sievers, Jan" <>
Subject maven 3.1.0-alpha-1 adoption feedback
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2013 13:49:04 GMT

I tried adapting tycho to maven 3.1.0-alpha-1, see [1].

One thing I noticed is that maven now brings asm-3.3.1 as part of its core classloader.
This breaks a build plugin in tycho (binary mismach errors at runtime) which happens to use
Am I right that shipping asm with maven core means potentially breaking any maven plugin directly
or indirectly using a different version of asm?

The other change which breaks tycho is aether moved to the org.eclipse package namespace.
Looks like for aether users it's a simple "organize imports"; no API changes other than package
rename, right?
As there seems to be no compatibility layer for aether, this means the new tycho version will
have to require at least maven 3.1

We use maven-plugin-testing-harness 2.1 [2] for some of our tests which seems to no longer
work with maven 3.1.0-alpha-1.

To avoid tight coupling between maven and tycho in the future, what would be the official
APIs to use for aether and sisu?



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