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From "Manfred Moser" <>
Subject Re: The archetype/archetype-catalog mess
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2013 16:41:36 GMT
You would be earning a lot of brownie points I am sure! There are a bunch
of open questions around this and the perception that the archetype system
is pretty much dead on stackoverflow and other places. This could fix a
lot of those concerns..


> Currently, maven-archetype-plugin ignores the configured Maven
> infrastructure when fetching the archetype-catalog. That is, it is
> hard-coded to get the catalog from central. This causes problems in
> environments where Internet access is restricted and a MRM is used. Also,
> in cases where Internet is accessible I think the current behavior where
> configured repositories/mirrors are ignored is strange. I would expect my
> Maven configuration to be honored and the catalog to downloaded from my
> configured remote repos (incl. mirrors).
> Do anyone object if I do some drastic changes to this logic in the plugin?
> I'm thinking that the plugin should follow the Maven configuration and not
> have anything hard-coded in itself wrt where to get the archetype
> catalog(s) from.
> Related tickets are ARCHETYPE-427 and ARCHETYPE-358 primarily, but it
> touches on other ones as well.
> /Anders

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