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From Nicolas Delsaux <>
Subject Re: Pain with MNG-5181 (_maven.repositories)
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2013 10:55:24 GMT
Sorry to jump in that conversation like the user I'm, but having seen
some messages of both Arnaud and Olivier, I feel I should add my own
noise to that discussion.

First, a little context info.
My company build a complex system, involving flexmojos artifacts and
other ones coming from various repositories (maven central, obviously,
but also jboss one and now defunct Tinkerpop one).
Due to budget restrictions, we couldn't yet install an enterprise proxy.
As a consequence, our build directly check artifacts from these remote
Unfortunatly, Tinkerpop recently decided their artifacts could now be
hosted on maven central.
What do you think happened to our build ?
Yup. Failure all the way long.
And what do you think happen when the repository hosting the various
flexmojos artifacts goes down ? Yes, failure also. Failure because of
this artifact identification mechanism.

I perfectly understand Jason for a better artifact identification
mechanism than the GAV one. BUT, I also consider the current solution
to be more a pain than a feature as it is uninformative (I'm sorry if
this message may feel aggressive, because it is not my goal).
To my mind, Jason solution of also storing an artifact MD5 or any
identification mechanism would be a far better solution than
hard-storing the repository from which an artifact was received.

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