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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: Accepting a patch for Maven Doxia (issue 480)
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2013 22:01:45 GMT
Apologize for delay.

2013/1/14 Andrius Velykis <>:
> Dear Maven developers,
> I would like to inquire about the procedures necessary to contribute a
> patch to Maven codebase.
> I have submitted an issue to Maven Doxia (DOXIA-480) with an attached test
> case and a patch. It is related to XhtmlBaseParser ignoring XHTML default
> entities, such as quotes or other symbols.
> I think I have followed all instructions on how to do it, however the issue
> has received no response since October. I was wondering whether it has gone
> under the radar because of something I missed. If not, how does it normally
> go for Maven projects, e.g. when could one expect such patch to be accepted
> or issue fixed through some other means?
> The issue is quite annoying. When writing Maven site pages using Markdown,
> the Markdown plugin converts quotes to corresponding HTML entities.
> Unfortunately, when converting to HTML again, Doxia filters them out. So in
> the end, the text comes out without any quotes, ellipses or other similar
> symbols, which are represented as default HTML entities. The patch
> whitelists a number of HTML entities as defined in the standard and fixes
> the issue for XHTML and Markdown Doxia modules.
> Thank you,
> Andrius Velykis

Olivier Lamy
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