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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: Pain with MNG-5181 (_maven.repositories)
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 20:17:28 GMT
Perso I agree this is something we must let user being to disable as it can
cause some pain.
with a sysprops (tru MAVEN_OPTS) or a cli option ?

2013/1/11 "Jörg Hohwiller" <>:
> Dear maven developers,
> first of all thanks for all your energy. Maven has become a great tool and now
> even complex multi-module-projects can build their site perfectly what was a
> very long way.
> One thing that is really causing pain to me - and many others I talked to is
> MNG-5181.
> The concept of maven was that if an artifact is available in the local
> repository it is directly available to dependency resolution without Internet
> access.
> Now I have a OSS artifact that was downloaded from central but via artifactory,
> nexus or archiva by some tweak of the settings and I have to get it once again
> if I use
> central without a proxy what fails if I am offline.
> IMHO this is more of a bug than a feature.
> If we are talking about security one could follow KISS and just use different
> local repositories through his settings if he cares.
> It would at least be very helpful if there was a way to disable this feature by
> a property (that could be provided in settings.xml).
> I have seen many users that wrote scripts that remove all _maven.repositories
> files or use sed to replace the repository name inside.
> This is really strange...
> Thanks & regards
>   Jörg

Olivier Lamy
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