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From Kristian Rosenvold <>
Subject Re: Wagons and thread safety....
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 13:19:50 GMT
2013/1/10 Stuart McCulloch <>:
> There's no guarantee that Plexus field injection will be synchronized, so if you're constructing
an object in one thread and immediately handing it off to another >thread without any intervening
synchronization then you should use volatile fields or ideally introduce a synchronized setter+getter
in the outermost object. But even >without injection you'd want to do this if you were
setting values in one thread and wanting another thread to see them.

Ok, this means all the @plexus.requirement fields in wagon should be
volatile or similar.

> One benefit of JSR330 is that you can use constructor injection along with final fields
which avoids this kind of thread-visibility issue, since they are frozen and made > visible
to other threads when the constructor completes.

Constructor injection is king; too bad we can't have that and maven
2.2.1 compatibility...?

> PS. you can actually mark a private field as final and still have it injected, because
the reflection code uses "setAccessible" to break through the encapsulation and >this also
overrides the 'final-ness' as described in
while still preserving the thread->visibility effect of final - but this is not recommended
as it obscures the actual intent.

In one way kind of neat; since the statement has "both"
@plexus.requirement and final it's fairly obvious who sets it;
although the semantics are definitely not java101 ;) Do you know if
this works with old plexus too ? (2.2.1)

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