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From "Manfred Moser" <>
Subject Android Maven Plugin 3.5.0 Released
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2012 18:50:13 GMT
The Android Maven Plugin team is pleased to announce the release of
version 3.5.0 of the plugin.

New features/bug fixes are
Non-release builds will now automatically be debuggable
Added support to for updating android:authorities attributes on provider
elements in the manifest
Improved automatic versionCode generation to avoid ambigious versionCode
for different versions
Allow the specification of patterns to exclude jar files from resource
Allow handling of library name differently than `lib<artifactId>.so`
Fix for RC versions of the SDK in terms of manifest parsing and overall
plugin execution
Allow relative package names for the run goal
Introduced usage of parent pom to remove need to manage plugin versions
Cleaned up site creation
Updated many dependency versions

Since non-release builds are now debuggable by default you NEED TO ensure
that the release parameter is set to true in your release build.

In the pom this would be e.g.


or you could activate on the command line with e.g
mvn clean deploy -Dandroid.release=true

or if you use the release plugin just add the above pom config to the
release profile.

When upgrading please ensure to check the change log for further details:

We would like to thank the contributors to this release for their valuable
help and invite you all to help us out as well:

We would like to thank the following contributors for their awesome work.
James Lawrie
Nic Strong
Fred Eisele
Mark Raynsford
Tomasz Ptak
St├ęphane Nicolas
Jonas Alves
Manfred Moser
Documentation, issue tracker and more can be found on the plugin website at

For a primer to use the plugin check out the Android Development chapter
in Maven: The Complete Reference

Please join the Maven Android Mailing List for relevant discussions:!forum/maven-android-developers


Manfred Moser

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