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From "Henk P. Penning" <>
Subject Re: Getting Maven component and plugin releases to /dist -- space
Date Sun, 23 Dec 2012 15:26:46 GMT
On Sun, 23 Dec 2012, Benson Margulies wrote:

> Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 15:26:18 +0100
> From: Benson Margulies <>
> To: Henk P. Penning <>
> Cc: Maven Developers List <>,
>     "" <>
> Subject: Re: Getting Maven component and plugin releases to /dist -- space

Hi Benson,


   As far as I can see, everything can go directly into

   The only point of having stuff in /dist/ is that projects
   can refer users/downloaders to that stuff on a mirror.
   Since there will be no such pointers to the stuff you want
   to add, there is no point in having it on the mirrors, and
   therefore in /dist/.

   Remember that /dist/ is only a cache for the 'recent' stuff
   in "archive.a.o". Nothing in /dist/ is there permanently.
   If you would only put 'your' stuff in archive.a.o, it would avoid
   the problem of cleaning up in "/dist/maven/{plugins,components)".

   Actually, I am opposed to the "automated" addition of stuff to
   /dist/, if the removal or that stuff isn't "automated" by the
   same mechanism too ; "cleanup" is as important as "adding stuff".

   [ privately I still wonder why this stuff has to be archive.a.o'ed ;
     if this stuff, why not everything else ; if not everything,
     why this stuff? If these artefact are special, why doesn't
     it suffice to just have a list of them somewhere?


> If you look in,
> you will find two files, inventory.archive and inventory.latest. These
> list the release archives that, as far as I can tell, make up Maven
> PMC releases that (a) were voted, and (b) were never put on /dist. The
> 'latest' file contains current releases, and the 'archive' file
> contains not-current releases. So, my intention is to push the files
> listed in the 'latest' file to /dist, and the others directly to
> archive. As for 'where' on /dist, my proposal to the Maven PMC is
> going to be to have two subdirectories of the Maven /dist: 'plugins'
> and 'components'. However, the Maven PMC is still in the early phases
> of confronting the requirement to do this at all, so it will be a few
> days, I expect, before there's a consensus. I'd be grateful if you
> have anything to add here; as you know, I fell into this project by
> discovering the hard way that it had to be done. This hasn't been my
> historical area of expertise.
> All these files currently reside on The Nexus
> configuration there forces each file to be accompanied by valid
> signatures when you deploy them there. The python program I've written
> (which you can also find there)  just pulls metadata from Nexus. The
> next python program will actually pull files, including their
> accompanying detached signatures. Since the Maven project releases
> something about once a week, this next script will be driven by the
> Nexus metadata, not by the files. So the inventory is likely to creep
> up a bit by the time we go live.
> It wouldn't hurt to run a verification pass on the signatures before
> actually pushing these files live. Have you got a script that examines
> an entire directory? I suspect that you do.
> Regards,
> Benson

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