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From Kristian Rosenvold <>
Subject Top navbar on the site with fluido
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2012 04:21:31 GMT
There was a comment about this in the surefire release (
so I figured we might as well get on with this discussion.

Being somewhat of a luddite with an appetite for all things new &
flashy, I happily accepted the site change
to the top menu-bar for surefire. But the luddite somehow still
screams "no" inside me. Let's get this over with:

I think the top menu bar in fluido has the same problem the left-menu
always had: There is no sense of priority
and all use cases are given equal focus. On the old-style left hand
side menu I would have this very clear mental
model inside my head that "goals" is where I want to go 80% of the
time, the somewhat oddly names "examples" section
15% of the time and the"rest" about 5% of the time. Now brain is such
a marvellous instrument for filtering out all
the uninteresting stuff, which is what made the old flat-style menu
work so well. But I think the dropdown menu
simply works less well because it gives me much less of a "at a glance"

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