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From Kristian Rosenvold <>
Subject Re: Git as the canonical SCM
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2012 18:53:58 GMT
2012/9/5 Mark Struberg <>:
> Well, I consider myself a git black-belt user as well (I even wrote parts of the german
man pages).
I know you are ;)

> Let's just consider we will abandon some old plugin because we replaced it with a much
better approach. In SVN you just create a branch for maintenance and delete the plugin from
trunk. Nobody will see this obsolete plugin if he checks out the trunk. But in GIT you still
have the repo around. And for knowing which ones are in use and which aren't anymore you would
need to clone all of them.
> There are 2 use cases when maintaining plugins:
> 1.) a plugin specific fix
> 2.) a cross-cutting fix which concerns many plugins (upgrade of technologies, introducing
a new pattern, etc)
> Especially for 2.) it would become _much_ harder to do this properly as you cannot easily
make sure that you checked all plugins!

I think the concerns you raise are legit and reasonable, but a switch
also opens a lot of new posssibilities.

You seem to be assuming we keep everything else as-is and not change
too much documentation or the way we document stuff? As I mentioned
earlier today, make a plugin that checks out the entire dependency
tree and create a project for you. Or how about something as brutally
simple as a large page of "git clone" statements lined up in a
copy-pasteable manner that will clone every single repo in the
codebase nicely side by side? We could even make a plugin to do it and
auto-generate a pom.xml that'll load everything ;) The plugin that
checks out the entire depth of the dependency sources could offer to
roll all checked out dependencies to snapshot mode to facilitate
super-easy access to making changes across the board....[I seem to be
boling with different ideas in this topic today]

You also seem to be assuming that the current svn setup is easy for
users wishing to take a simple dive into some bug they want to fix or
some feature they want to add. I'll add my 5c that the current
dependency structure in maven (and high modularization) has you in a
hell-hole of checkouts long before you even *reach* the plexus-jungle.
I remember this very clearly from the first time I started checking
out maven sources. There's no end to the stuff, and it's not easily
accessible to a beginner.

Of course, now I'm familiar with the jungle ;)


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