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From Kristian Rosenvold <>
Subject Re: Removing unused code from maven-shared-utils
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2012 20:42:21 GMT
2012/8/30 Jason van Zyl <>:
> That is simply not true. Kristian works on plexus-utils all the time, has never been
hindered in the slightest and makes changes to the code all the time. Kristian if this is
untrue then please feel free to correct me. You may not like where the code is, but your argument
that you cannot effectively work on it is utter nonsense. If you naturally followed this argument
to all dependencies and that you can't effectively leverage any code unless it's at Apache
which is really really viable in the long-term.

I do it, but mostly out of necessity. This stuff makes us bitch &
quarrel and spend way to much energy on things that are neither fun or
otherwise constructive; it's bad feng shui.

So I say drop the stuff. Initially by replacing the trivial 90% with
the easy replacements, probably by doing class-by-class replacements
across the whole maven codebase.

Now when it comes to core (and I suspect Xpp3Dom is one of the hard
cases) we need to be more careful of leaking/not leaking the right
things. But anyone who thinks we're going to be
free of plexus dependencies within the next X years simply has no clue
of how many plexus modules there are out there. So we can clean up
some stuff and leave some of it; I say do the easy ones first. That
*will* probably leave most modules with BOTH plexus-utils and
maven-shared-utils as dependencies for quite some time. But heck,
we're good at downloading ;]


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