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From Kristian Rosenvold <>
Subject Re: Maven SureFire Plugin: Android Provider
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 20:12:30 GMT
I would somehow assume that the sensible way to implement an android
provider would be to extend the current forking logic to serialize the
entire fork to a remote machine. Furthermore there is already support
for bringing the system properties from the fork back to the plugin,
which would come for "free" in this case. I would be considering
starting the fork in/around the "ForkStarter" java class.

Something in your question makes me think you're starting the fork differently?


2012/6/13 Shane Isbell <>:
> Hi all,
> I'm working on an android provider for surefire. Generally, I have things
> working but have encountered a specific problem. The unit tests are running
> remotely on a device (not the build machine). For the surefire xml report,
> I need to pull in the system properties on the device, not those on the
> build machine.
> The StartupReportConfiguration.instantiateXmlReporter is hardcoded to
> return XMLReporter. AbstractSurefireMojo.createForkStarter is, in turn,
> hardcoded to use StartReportConfiguration.
> So I'm unable to replace the StartReportConfiguration with a class
> implementation that will return a specialized XMLReporter instance that
> will return device system properties.
> Is there a way to handle this situation through the surefire API or is this
> something I need to create a patch for?
> Thanks,
> Shane

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