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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Merge the Doxia site into the Maven site
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 06:35:31 GMT

The JIRA report should go into the doxia sub-site (and corresponding 
doxia-sitetools, etc), then you link to that from the base site for each 
sub-project. WDYT?


Hervé BOUTEMY wrote:
> notice that I tried to commit improvements based on previous thoughts and
> found in index.apt.vm the following link: {{{./jira-report.html}Release Notes
> for ${doxiaVersion}}}
> And since the Jira report isn't available in Doxia "base" site, if you simply
> remove the actual JIRA report from Doxia site, we're stuck: we need to add the
> report to Doxia "base" and publish it (either manually for 1.2 or wait for
> 1.3)
> Regards
> Hervé
> Le mercredi 28 mars 2012 07:11:00 Hervé BOUTEMY a écrit :
>> The Doxia site expert is Vincent Siveton: I hope he can express his opinion
>> Doxia (base + sitetools + tools) deserves IMHO the dedicated menus from the
>> actual Doxia site [1] to let people understand: it can/should be improved,
>> but if we merge the Doxia site with regular Maven site, we loose this
>> dedicated menu: I don't think this will help.
>> But you're right with the JIRA report being inappropriate: Doxia site
>> doesn't cover only Doxia base, which is [2].
>> I'm sure that this menu could be made more explicit to help people
>> understand the relation between Doxia site and each 3 components: removing
>> the JIRA configuration is the first step.
>> Since infra hasn't problems with having a few number of sub-sites being
>> treated as dedicated CMS site, I don't see any problem with maintaining
>> Doxia site.
>> To sum up:
>> - +1 to JIRA configuration removel from Doxia site
>> - -1 to merging into Maven regular site
>> Regards,
>> Hervé
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> Le lundi 26 mars 2012 22:13:17 Dennis Lundberg a écrit :
>>> Hi
>>> When I saw some of the commits by Hervé on the CMS integration it hit
>>> me: Why do we have a separate site module for the Doxia site?
>>> Unless there are any difficult technical hurdles standing in the way,
>>> why don't we just merge it into the regular Maven site?
>>> I had a quick look at the POM and the only odd things in there is a
>>> configuration snippet for doxia-maven-plugin that is injected into the
>>> generated site somewhere, as well as creating some output files (RTF and
>>> PDF) from a Doxia book example which are then copied to the generated
>>> site using maven-antrun-plugin.
>>> There's also a JIRA report in the Doxia site, which in my opinion is
>>> wrong since Doxia is not one project anymore but rather an umbrella like
>>> Plugins or Shared. So the solution would be to remove the report from
>>> the site and add it to the project sites of Doxia, Doxia Site Tools and
>>> Doxia Tools.
>>> Thoughts?
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