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From Barrie Treloar <>
Subject Re: Eclipse plugin ITs was Re: [VOTE] Release Maven Eclipse Plugin version 2.9
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2012 23:34:56 GMT
2012/1/16 Arnaud Héritier <>:
> Thanks a lot for this hard wok Barrie
> yes it was my problem too Robert.
> ITs are now very difficult to use/maintain and sadly are covering only the
> fact that what we generate is always the same and not that it is working in
> eclipse.
> As far as I remember this is the larger plugin we have in lines of codes
> and also the dirtiest one as it was built from many many contributors
> (because of the variety of usages and eclipse versions)
> Since that, I had the chance to switch from eclipse to intellij and it
> solved all my issues.


Well what black magic is intellij doing that makes using maven better?

There is the option to switch to m2e.
I cant do that for some of my projects because they are Eclipse RCP
3.2 projects that are bodge anyway.
m-e-p works well enough.

Its worse than you summarize because:
* it does its own dependency analysis because there was no standard
way of exposing that before (refactoring to use aether is an option)
* the ITs were built at the time where there was no IT standard
* there is support for eclipse-like environments (RAD, etc) which is
even harder to maintain
* some OSGi support which is using deprecated feature sets and is
impossible to maintain because there are no ITs or use cases for it.

This list is probably a part of the reason that Jason suggested
retiring plugins.
(This one is sporadically maintained but it still works as advertised)

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