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From AK-47 <>
Subject Maven build include util classes
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2011 04:41:03 GMT

My question mite be seems a bit older and answered alot, but i couldn't
satify to what i got a change to read till now.
My question is why Maven doesn't allow to include any user running util
classes/jar into compile or package
as ant and other build tool used to provide

senario -

I have taken 'webapp-j2ee14' archetype for my sample web application
I have tried to plug an util jar in usual src/WEB-LIB folder and i am
expecting this should be available to other caller classes in src folder
My project folder structure is as follows -
│   pom.xml
│   └───main
│       ├───java
│       │   └───com
│       │       └───sgx
│       │           └───hcl
│       │         
│       │         
│       │
│       └───webapp
│           │   index.jsp
│           │
│           ├───lib
│           │       sgx-log.jar
│           │
│           └───WEB-INF
│                   web.xml

I used to get two types of answers to this-
A.) Get the source code of util classes first, Create a sub-project with
POM, run install plugin in dependency to include this into compile or
package this into separate jar along with mater Ear, or War

B.) i.)Call this in System path in one dependency tag one of each util jar,
just to resolve complie time dependency
ii.) Make sure that in run environment all util jar must be available in
same folder as mentioned in SystemPath before shipping the desired ear or
war to run environment.

I don't want to get either of these solution, what should be the way in
which neither any dependency remains in system nor i do need to get source
code of any legacy util classes in my organization.

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