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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject New plugin patch-tracker
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2011 20:33:17 GMT

FYI, I have created a new plugin called maven-patch-tracker-plugin in sandbox.

Basically, this plugin will generate a diff using the scm provider
configured in your pom (note if the pom says svn but you use git svn,
you can use -Dscm.providerType=git).
Then will create an issue in your configured issue tracker (currently
only jira is supported) and attach the patch.

A typical cli is: mvn patch-tracker:create -e  -X
-Dpatch.summary="foo summary"
-Dpatch.serverUrl=http://localhost:8080/browse/MNG  -B
-Dpatch.user=uid -Dpatch.password=pwd

Note you can add an entry in your settings and use it for authz with
-Dpatch.serverId=serverIdFromYourSettings (and you can remove
-Dpatch.user -Dpatch.pasword from your cli).

The server url can come from the pom. (issueManagement/url).
Urls with component id are supported too: (and issue is
created in MSHARED and attach to the component with 15255)

Note: there is a prompter use to setup values, BTW you can use -B and
nothing will be asked if your configuration is correct.

An other goal is to update an issue with an other patch:
mvn patch-tracker:update -e -Dscm.providerType=git
-Dpatch.description="update of the issue with an other patch"
-Dpatch.patchId=MNG-5203 -B

The result is something like:

Let me know if you see any other features (I think I will add support
of loading patch in review board).

Have fun!
Olivier Lamy
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