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From Alexander Kurtakov <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Usage of Aether and Sisu as dependencies of maven core with EPL licenses - take 2
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 11:28:54 GMT
On 13:04:06 Friday 04 November 2011 Stephen Connolly wrote:
> On 4 November 2011 10:22, Benjamin Bentmann <> 
> > David Jencks wrote:
> >> Another month went by.... any progress?
> > 
> > The sources were checked into git according to parallel IP, awaiting full
> > legal approval. Some dependencies still await review [0], too.
> Any idea what's needed to prod the process along... never having been
> involved at eclipse before, this seems like a rather long process with
> no visibility (as far as I can see) as to what is taking place and
> where the blockers are

Eclipse IP team is going through every single dependency (even test ones) and 
checks that they have proper license and so on. And Maven projects tend to 
have so many dependencies that this is only slowing the process. Note that 
different version of e.g. plexus-utils have to be examined separately because 
something can sneak in. And a number of plexus artifacts are missing license 
information in a number of places (just an example). 
Please note that this is a problem not only for Eclipse but for others too. We 
(Fedora) have opened a number of issues to get licencing clarified in so many 
places that I can't count them only for maven+plugins dependencies. 
Another thing is the usage of outdated and obsoleted versions in a number of 
artifacts which have to reviewed separately despite them being dead for long 
time. Btw, this is part of the usual complain that Maven downloads the 
Internet because for certain artifacats usual "clean install" downloads more 
than 5 versions with all of their dependencies. This is certainly a burden for 
every IP clearance review.

Alexander Kurtakov

> > Benjamin
> > 
> > 
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