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From Barrie Treloar <>
Subject Re: Fluido skin & Maven site
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2011 22:24:45 GMT
On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 3:01 AM, Simone Tripodi
<> wrote:
> I'm no web site designer too ;) that is why we started developing the
> new skin on top of Twitter's Bootstrap (

That page looks good and contains advice - something I can make use of
at my company.
Now we need to work out the peculiarities of the Maven site to why it
doesn't look as good.

>> I'm not convinced about the drop down menus, I tend to visually ignore
>> them, but that may just be me.
> Ivan is not convinced too, I think/hope is a matter of taste, Olivier,
> Christian and I like it, I proposed to keep it because is less work
> users should do to have it.. :P

Consider my vote +0 :)

>> On
>> some links do not have the blue hyperlink underlining but instead have
>> a yellow halo.
> That is because in the APT page, table elements are declared as
> {{{/plugins/maven-clean-plugin/} <<<clean>>>}}
> That will be rendered as Monospaced, and that's the default Bootstrap's style.
> That could be easily modified by overriding the class as described before...
>> Looking around some more at
>> the
>> yellow halo appears to be the style of apt <<< Monospaced >>>>
>> must be rendered using a monospaced, typewriter-like font."
> yes I understand, the reason is the one before, we can change anyway
> the font by overriding, that is something we already did
>> The halo is drawing my attention to these fields but they aren't
>> visually that important.  Generally used for configuration values and
>> what you type etc.
> default Bootstrap style...

As noted above looks good.
The halo is not drawing my attention away like in on our version of the pages.

I think because their text is black and ours are inside lists which
makes the text grey.

>> One of my gripes with Confluence is its lack of indentation of
>> heading/subheadings (I've yet to look into whether I can fix that).
>> The old site does have
>> indentation even if the sub headings dont look that great.
>> Whereas the new version
>> just has smaller heading styles.
>> Googling about web design seems to indicate to keep headings to two
>> levels so maybe this is just my problem again :)
> that sounds something we can add (I'll add as soon as I get home), can
> you point me to what you found on Google? Just a matter of filling the
> gap of my lack of design, thanks in advance!!!

I think I just googled
And browsed to
* (this page has
indentation of headings and paragraphs - but so few sites I was
looking at for examples do)

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