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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject Re: Fluido skin & Maven site
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 13:56:29 GMT
Hi again mates,
I just committed also the feature of having sidebar enabled/disabled,
to allow it is enough playing with variables in site.xml like the XML
snipped below.
Please pay attention that when disabling the sidebar, the topbar is
NOT automatically enabled, maybe the user really wants to have clean
white pages! And when disabling the sidebar, the container layout also
changes, no more fluid layout but a fixed central layout, like the one
on bootstrap homepage.
I'll update later bot samples of generated site to see the results :)
I really want to say a big THANK YOU to Ivan for the amazing
suggestion to implement that feature.
Have a nice day, all the best!


On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 9:20 AM, Simone Tripodi
<> wrote:
> Hi again guys,
> top-bar is now excluded by default as you suggested and thanks to Ivan
> hints, see r1189641[1] - Ivan credited in the commit message, it was
> just a matter of c'n'p from his mail!
> Kudos, Ivan!!!
> All the best, have a nice day,
> Simo
> [1]
> On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 10:48 PM, Simone Tripodi
> <> wrote:
>> Salut again Olivier,
>>> I wonder to have an option to disable the menu too. For folks who want
>>> to have topbar only.
>> I think that this is an interesting option :)
>> All the best!!!
>> Simo

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