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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject Re: [skin][fluido] Menu location
Date Sat, 15 Oct 2011 12:17:55 GMT
Hi Ivan!
the reason why I started adding menus in 2 places is that while the
sidebar is fixed in the page, the topbar is always available while
scrolling the pages; immagine the skin applied to the Apache Commons
Digester guide[1], once reached the bottom page, users have the
commodity to avoid scrolling up to open a new guide page.

My proposal is to keep it ATM to experiment and collect feedbacks from
users too, maybe if we are lucky enough we attract more users to
express their opinion :)

Have a nice WE!


2011/10/15 Ivan Habunek <>:
> Hi guys.
> The way it is now in sanbox, the <menu> from site.xml is rendered in the
> side bar and in the top bar. Additionaly <links> are rendered in the right
> part of the top bar.
> I think there's no reason to have <menu> rendered in two places. I can see
> several options here:
> 1. Render the <links> in the top bar, and <menu> in the side bar.
> The problem is that currently, <item> nodes in <links> cannot have children,
> like they can in <menu>. See difference between LinkItem and MenuItem in the
> XSD [1].
> This means that the links in the top bar cannot have drop-down lists like it
> is implemented now. For me this is not a big problem, but it does limit the
> available functionality offered by bootstrap.
> 2. Render both the <menu> and <links> in top bar, remove the sidebar.
> This is the way it is now, but minus the sidebar. Personally, i don't want
> to remove the sidebar, it is much more appropreate for larger menus.
> What do you think? Should we go with 1.? Any other ideas?
> Regards,
> Ivan
> [1]
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