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From Ivan Habunek <>
Subject [skin][fluido] Menu location
Date Sat, 15 Oct 2011 11:53:40 GMT
Hi guys.

The way it is now in sanbox, the <menu> from site.xml is rendered in the 
side bar and in the top bar. Additionaly <links> are rendered in the 
right part of the top bar.

I think there's no reason to have <menu> rendered in two places. I can 
see several options here:

1. Render the <links> in the top bar, and <menu> in the side bar.

The problem is that currently, <item> nodes in <links> cannot have 
children, like they can in <menu>. See difference between LinkItem and 
MenuItem in the XSD [1].

This means that the links in the top bar cannot have drop-down lists 
like it is implemented now. For me this is not a big problem, but it 
does limit the available functionality offered by bootstrap.

2. Render both the <menu> and <links> in top bar, remove the sidebar.

This is the way it is now, but minus the sidebar. Personally, i don't 
want to remove the sidebar, it is much more appropreate for larger menus.

What do you think? Should we go with 1.? Any other ideas?



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