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Subject [jira] Subscription: Design & Best Practices
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 03:02:12 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: Design & Best Practices (24 issues)
Subscriber: mavendevlist
Key         Summary
MNG-2184    Possible problem with @aggregator and forked lifecycles
MNG-612     implement conflict resolution techniques
MNG-1950    Ability to introduce new lifecycles phases
MNG-2381    improved control over the repositories in the POM
MNG-1563    how to write integration tests
MNG-2125    [doc] when and how to define plugins in a pom
MNG-139     server definitions should be reusable - review use of repository IDs
MNG-474     performance improvement for forked lifecycles
MNG-1381    best practices: testing strategies
MNG-4656    Declarative plugins similar to "jsp tags" or "jsf composites"
MNG-4713    ${basedir} variable makes portable builds overly difficult
MNG-416     best practices:  multiple profile deployments
MNG-367     best practices: multi-user installation
MNG-125     guarded mojo execution
MNG-41      best practices: site management
MNG-1441    Starting thinking about a proper distributed repository mechanism a la CPAN
MNG-868     Use uniform format for <properties> and other tags
MNG-1425    best practices: the location of configuration files vs resources
MNG-1463    best practices: plugin inheritance for a multi project build
MNG-657     possible chicken and egg problem with extensions
MNG-1423    best practices: setting up multi-module build
MNG-1468    best practices: version management in multi project builds
MNG-1867    deprecate system scope, analyse other use cases
MNG-1569    Make build process info read-only to mojos, and provide mechanism for explicit
out-params for mojos to declare

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