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From Stanislav Ochotnicky <>
Subject Fix test scope dependency skipping
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 08:35:17 GMT
Hi everyone,

Currently Maven includes test dependencies in resolving graph even when
-Dmaven.test.skip is used. It's unnecessary and sub-optimal when big
test dependencies have to be downloaded to local cache. As far as I know
Maven 2.X didn't have this problem, so I'd guess this is a sort of
regression (minor one, but still). 

I've prepared a patch (more like a hack) that solves this problem for
me. However the patch uses literal "maven.test.skip" string, referencing
"test" scope directly and few other ugly things so I know it can't be
included as it is. I'd be willing to work on it more, but first I'd like
your opinion on the general PoC idea so I don't waste time with something
you'd consider pointless in the end :-)


Stanislav Ochotnicky <>
Software Engineer - Base Operating Systems Brno

PGP: 7B087241
Red Hat Inc.                     

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