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From Mark Derricutt <>
Subject Re: maven-compiler-plugin problems under java 7
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2011 03:14:45 GMT
You may be right, however after a quick investigation it looks like these javac changes on
JDK7 have been around for a long time ( and evolving ), as far back as 2008:

Such is the joy of the only LONG release that Java7 was.  I've not looked at the compiler-plugin
sources before but will check them out and see if I can grok anything to change, or even just
add a test case :)

On 26/08/2011, at 11:34 PM, Barrie Treloar wrote:

> I think you might find that Java 7 is a bit bleeding edge for most people.
> Feel free to jump in and provide test cases and a patch, that's the
> quickest way to see some progress.

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